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  • Community Events

    National Museum of African American History and Culture - Day 1
    8-16-18 11:30 am - Biwadi
    45+ Black Travel

    I have tried for months to get tickets and finally had some luck for an August visit! :) The Saturday and morning time slots were sold out for most days when I checked the website, but I was able to get six tickets for afternoon visits on a...

    Dupont Business Link BNI Business Growth Session
    8-16-18 11:30 am - Biwadi
    Dupont Business Link -- Thursday BNI Lunch

    Are you are a business professional looking to grow her/his business? Are you looking to grow your marketing force with minimal cost for you? Are you aware of the power of networking and direct referrals? If you answered YES to any of these...

    Thursday Lunch with Network NoVA
    8-16-18 11:30 am - Biwadi
    Network NoVA/Virginia Grassroots

    This week, we will write cards to Senators to #roeyourvote #nokavanaughPlease bring stamps. Also, please note that the restaurant has changed hands - it is a lunch buffet for $11.99 Let's meet up, discuss different issues and initiatives and take...

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