• Community Events

    Practical Meditation Session

    Bethesda-Rockville Natural Path Meditation

    Dear All, We are pleased to welcome you to 'Experience and learn more about our meditation practice during this practical session.During this session we are all meditating together.Session starts at 7.15 AM on coming Sunday at Mount Daniel...

    Sundays In The Park series

    Virginia Happy Trails Running Club

    We meet on Sundays at 8 a.m. for training runs on some of DC's best trails, including Rock Creek Park and the surrounding area. We typically meet at either Peirce Mill in Rock Creek Park, or Roosevelt Island, depending on the route. Details of...

    Old Rag Hike

    Adventuring Gay Lesbian Hiking Biking

    Begin spring with one of the most spectacular hikes in the Washington area. Although the Old Rag circuit hike is not terribly long (9.2 miles) and the elevation gain (2500 feet) is not excessive by Shenandoah National Park standards, it is still...

  • Recent Posts

    Importance of First Time Buyers

    Lower First Time Buyer Percentages moving into Q1

    All of the reports from the tail end of 2014 moving into Q1 of 2015 can be quite confusing. Is the market moving towards a bubble? The answer, per the Wall Street Journal, National Association of Realtors and Case Schiller Index is no.

    This short video explains why this is the case.

    2015 Northern Virginia Market Preview

    Home sales stabilize into first quarter of 2015

    Last week, we saw the Case Schiller projections come out delivering some great information about what home sales have looked like from October through December of 2014. After looking over several different reviews and dissections of what this data actually means for our Northern Virginia market as a whole, I wanted to give you a little break down of the happy side of Northern Virginia’s real estate market moving into 2015.

    If you’re wondering what this will mean for your particular situation, I am happy to discuss your home buying and selling process with you individually.

    Here it is in a nutshell so you can enjoy in a short video.

    Smart Homes for 2015 and beyond

    Smart Homes are more than just programmable thermostats

    Have you been wondering what sorts of innovations are going on behind the scenes these days? Everything from the Nest being bought out by Google to Whirlpool making dryers that know when you’re away to utilize “anti-wrinkle technology.” But wait, there is more! Home Integration systems or smart home technology goes well beyond programmable thermostats, lighting and security. It is everything that syncs your home to make you more efficient in your daily life as well as your energy usage to create a high performance home. Even here in Northern Virginia real estate, we see a lot of home automation going in from linking the elan g! system throughout a whole home, to just upgrading the security panel to know when to turn off and on lighting controls, or evens shut a garage door or lock a front door if you think you may have forgotten. Accessing these things has never been more simple.
    One thing I will be curious to watch over the next couple of months and years, even, will be how all of the data is mined to better serve the client, since there are so many systems now that are not all linked. This was a major concern written up in the Wall Street Journal recently. He who owns the data will be king. Who do you think will end up coming out with the hub? Will it be Google or someone else with an entirely different application? Time will tell!

    Check out what the most recent details are about home automation and smart homes in this short video.