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Merrifield Real Estate Analysis

Merrifield, VA is just a hop outside of the beltway, but it is oh-so-close to everything that you can hardly believe that location has not been snagged up sooner than this! About fifty years ago, Merrifield, Virginia was still bits and pieces of farm land, but about twenty years ago, it started to become more industrial. NOW, it is quickly becoming one of the most sought after zip codes in Northern Virginia Real Estate for the haute couture shops, schnazzy restaurants, boutique movie theater experiences and beautiful housing all within a stone’s throw to the Dunn Lorring Metro on the Orange Line. Plus, you’re still close in enough to zip into the District via 495 or even Rt. 50. Merrifield is an awesome place. Check out some details on EYA’s Mosaic District Townhomes which are simply stunning, and happen to be just one way to get in on the Merrifield action!

Learn what the catch phrase This is Living is all about:

EYA’s Mosaic District in Merrifield, Virginia.

I would have to say, EYA’s Mosaic District has pretty much hit it right on the button. The smart button. The easy button. The yeah… this is living button. Their LEED designed (and to be certified) homes scream sophistication and luxury. The unexpected: they are right on the edge of being suburbs and then they flip you on your head by being in the middle of what is the next up and coming development that I have already told you about in Fairfax in the Merrifield area.

Smart living

You can still live on the Orange line, but you don’t have to be in the Rosslyn, Clarendon or Courthouse area to get the nightlife, restaurants or shops anymore. Mosaic District is bringing that pizazz to Merrifield. The townhomes are going to have the short shuttle ride to the Dunn Loring-Merrifield Metro station starting in Fall 2013 and the site is situated smack in the perfect spot to enjoy the convenience of being withing one-mile of 50,495 and 66. Awesomely fabulous?

Yeah, I’m not done yet.

The this is living style will come to you when you are able to identify the luxe shops that the developers have handpicked to be nestled into this hotbed of upscale sophistication. Mosaic District isn’t just going to be a zip code, it is going to be a destination, and the folks who opt in to buy in the EYA Mosaic Townhomes are going to be in the cat-bird seat to take it all in. From the Angelika Film Center to the Mom’s Organic Market and Red Apron Butchery, residents will have amenities unlike any other townhomes on the Orange Line. Where else in Northern Virginia can one so easily get to the fish monger, butcher, luxury boutique, pharmacy, drop off everything and take in a movie then opt for a craft beer and some fine dining? No answer? This is living at Townhomes at Mosaic District in EYA and I can’t wait to help my clients get in on the action.

Become a Part of the Mosaic

Starting in the mid $600′s, Townhomes at Mosaic District by EYA are totally attainable for those looking to buy on the Orange Line, have amenities at their fingertips and live in energy efficient, beautifully crafted homes.  The first phase is all sold out and only seven units are available in phase two (deliverable in November 2012 or April 2013 depending on which side of the phase of construction). Phase three has broken ground and will be deliverable in mid-Summer 2013. If you want to go check out the Mosaic District, drop me a line and we can go take a peek together. It is pretty fabulous; you won’t be let down!

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